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The In-tend Solution is a cloud-based system designed to streamline and enhance the procurement process, saving buyers and suppliers time and effort throughout. The system achieves compliance for relevant procurement legislation and provides opportunities for reducing spend and managing risk as effectively and efficiently as possible. Transparency and accountability can be achieved to the required level, with the system remaining flexible to meet the requirements of each individual organisation.

In-tend comprises several modules to enhance the various aspects of the procurement process, which are detailed below. The e-Tendering module forms the basis of the system for most users, but there is fluidity between each module to ensure efficiency and consistency. Information in the system is secure between users, departments and even different organisations – restrictions ensure personnel only conduct activity relevant to their job role. The system is securely hosted in the UK, with no IT requirements on either buyers or suppliers.

In-tend is used by hundreds of organisations in the UK, Europe and around the world. Users span the public, private and non-profit sectors, alongside international organisations. Many have advanced global operations, whilst others may have small, localised purchasing. Regardless of your sector, location or requirements, In-tend have a system that will work for you.

openquote The In-tend system has greatly aided our procurement, bringing greater transparency and efficiency. The functionality is practical and flexible, enabling us to control administration as appropriate to each procurement exercise. When assistance has been required, the support team have always been helpful
and efficient. closequote
 Procurement Manager, Birmingham Airport

openquote The system, training and support from In-tend is excellent. A main advantage is that the system has a background and input from procurement professionals who know what the topical issues are. The team are very user-focused and willing to develop the system to meet ever changing needs. Our suppliers find the system quick and easy – we have never had any complaints. Support is great – in the early days we just called when we couldn’t find something, simple or complex. The same if it is a technical issue - In-tend deal with it promptly. We would endorse and recommend the system without hesitation. closequote
Head of Procurement, National Health Service Trust

e-Tendering Module

Tendering Module

The In-tend e-Tendering module provides efficient and complete management of any sourcing exercise. Regardless of size or complexity, the module will streamline the activity, push compliance to internal and legislative requirements and ensure procurement is as transparent and fair as possible.

The module is intuitive yet comprehensive; flexible yet secure. The entire process can be managed from start to end, including creation of the advert and management of forms and documents by buyers, to the electronic submission of bids/proposals from suppliers. All responses can be assessed online or comprehensively evaluated, through to the award of the project.

Throughout the process, all communication and clarifications can be managed online. All significant activity is captured by the system and can be audited with a time-date stamp, with metadata collated through rigorous yet simple reporting tools.

Key features and benefits:

  • Complete. End-to-end management of any sourcing exercise
  • Simple. Step-by-step guidance through the relevant stages
  • Standardised. Wizard-driven processes for routine exercises
  • Variable. Flexible configuration for your unique ways of working
  • Automated. System-generated notifications for buyers and suppliers
  • Compliance. Enforced compliance with relevant procurement legislation – EU, UK, etc
  • Publicity. Notices appear on branded supplier portal, OJEU, Sell2UK, Contracts Finder, or other third party sites
  • Best-practice. Push best-practice and compliance with internal policies and procedures
  • Storage. Unlimited document management, with full version and access controls
  • Structure. Full authority around the format and scope of bids and proposals
  • Exchange . Electronic questionnaires to control the information received from suppliers
  • Evaluate. Full electronic evaluation of bids and proposals

Contract Management Module

The In-tend Contract Management module is a vital tool for ensuring efficient and effective Contract Managementcontract oversight and performance. Management of contracts is a vital activity that is too often overlooked, with scope for ensuring compliance, mitigation of risk and oversight of spend. Too often, resources are wasted on contracts that are not performing, costs are uncontrolled, renewal is messy and unorganised and internal and legislative policies are inconsistently applied. Lack of data and oversight means that these issues can go unnoticed. The In-tend Contract Management module remedies these challenges, providing timely and effective management of contract milestones, application of internal and external policies and effective and efficient day-to-day management. Providing a record of all contracts with key information and automated alerts, unlimited document storage and management and control over key contract metrics, the Contract Management module puts contract performance back in your hands.

Key features and benefits:

  • Awareness. Total visibility of all contract information across the organisation, with at-a-glance indicators of dates and key metrics
  • Centralised or decentralised. Perfect for managing contracts by a central team or devolved to departments or stakeholders
  • Large or small. Flexible to manage contracts of any size, complexity or scope
  • Standard or custom. Unlimited range and quantity of information can be captured
  • Discrete or transparent. Full control over visibility and transparency for managing sensitive and non-sensitive contracts alike
  • Alerts. Email reminders for contract managers and relevant personnel at key dates and tasks
  • Monitoring. Electronic questionnaires/scorecards for metrics such as supplier performance, KPIs, SLAs and asset management
  • Engagement. Involve suppliers in management of documents, completion of questionnaires, performance reviews and expediting, all on your terms
  • Oversight. Monitor risk-factors through contract duration - spend, delivery, etc
  • Consistency. Integration with e-Tendering module to maximise efficiency and consistency

e-Auction Module

The e-Auctions module gives buyers greater control over their spend.eauctions With the ability to engage suppliers in competitive reverse bidding, this provides the greatest opportunity to ensure that bids are as cost-effective as possible. Price is important for procurement teams in any industry or location and the module puts the control over this vital element firmly in your hands, giving confidence that the final awarded price really is the best offer available.

Auctions in the system can be conducted as separate events or as part of a multi-stage project. Separate auctions can be run through a wizard tool to minimise effort, whilst larger and more detailed separate auctions provide an array of variables and criteria.

Auctions can also be conducted as part of a larger multi-stage project. This can allow previous stages to identify supplier capabilities and technical requirements, then an auction stage to control price.

Key features and benefits:

  • Control. Take charge of the spend element of any proposal or bid
  • Range. Pens to paracetamol, electricity to envelopes
  • Rigid but flexible. Bids based on the parameters and rules, all user-defined
  • Transparency. Full control over visibility of all auction information
  • Audit. All activity and bid history is fully traceable
  • Graphical. Visual representations of bid progress, savings and status
  • Real-time. Updates throughout for buyers and suppliers, with automated email updates
  • Sell. Forward auctions are also available on your terms

Supplier Management Module

The In-tend Supplier Management module is a comprehensive set of tools for ensuring you make the best decisions and avoid potential pitfalls in engaging suppliers. Effective and engaged suppliers are a key part of the procurement process in ensuring value for money and the optimal outcome for your organisation. Having the best tools in place is critical – the module will ensure all supplier information is in one place for when you need it, when and how you want it and with your appropriate approvals. It allows supplier engagement to be both simple and comprehensive when required and ensures information is kept up-to-date, consistent and accurate. The module adds real value to your organisation and manages key supply risks.

Key features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive. Have total control over your rationalised supplier information and registration process
  • Consistent. Give all stakeholders and departments the same version of supplier data and documentation
  • Collation. Manage supplier records in one location – stop chasing disparate information in legacy systems or email inboxes
  • One time. No more repeated data capture through the procurement process - ask once and never again
  • Streamlined. Replace sporadic data capture with an efficient and reliable process
  • Approval. Ensure only qualified and capable suppliers are in the running
  • On-boarding. Easily build up your supplier pool to meet your needs
  • Adaptable or rigid. Meet the varying needs and capabilities of different suppliers, or standardise the process
  • Appraisal. Gain knowledge of supplier performance to enable effective action
  • Lifecycle. Track the scope and capabilities of your suppliers through time
  • Relationships. Capture communication in one accessible location

Financial Management Module

The In-tend Financial Management module adds value to any end-to-end e-Procurement strategy. With procurement professionals busy and time a limited resource, it is essential that replication of workload, manual checking of information and reporting across different systems are reduced, whilst not compromising performance. The Financial Management module therefore ensures that users have all procurement data in one convenient location, saving users copious amounts of time and improving the reliability of procurement data. With requisitions and purchase orders recorded and managed in the system, these can be linked to procurement exercises or contracts, then this information can be all analysed and reported on together. Various levels of automation can be facilitated - information can be imported and exported to and from spreadsheets, full integration with third party systems can be achieved or users can utilise the tools in their own right for requisitioning and creating purchase orders.

Key features and benefits:

  • Single location. Store and manage financial information and spend data in one location
  • Consistent. Keep financial information consistent across platforms
  • Comprehensive. Capture any required information in unique templates
  • Custom. Capture only organisation-specific information
  • Report. Generate custom reports together with all procurement data
  • Compliance. Ensure projects are only created from unlinked requisitions
  • Import. Automatically capture information from spreadsheets
  • Export. Download requisition and purchase order information to spreadsheets
  • Integrate. Facilitate full exchange of information with third party systems

Dashboard Module

There are many valuable tools for procurement teams and e-Procurement is one of the most critical. Despite expert tools being in place, a chronic shortage of data remains for many organisations. The In-tend Dashboard is designed to mitigate this by providing the bigger picture – with graphical real-time data of all activity within the system, the Dashboard is a vital business intelligence tool for identifying and understanding both the overarching trends and the detail of your procurement activity.

The Dashboard is an additional business intelligence module to In-tend's e-Procurement system, which ensures that you get the best data possible, all instantly accessible and processable at your fingertips.

There are two Dashboard options available for our users – Standard and Premium. Standard charts show the key data for the organisation, such as the currently active procurement activity and upcoming deadlines. If information is stored in the e-Procurement system, the Premium Dashboard can produce charts from it. With no limit to the fields and information that can be captured by the e-Procurement system, the Premium Dashboard really can show any charts you can imagine.

Key features and benefits:

  • Oversight. View key information from the e-Procurement system
  • Identify. Highlight key trends and patterns in your activity
  • Step back. View the bigger picture that only metadata can present
  • Analysis. Drill-down through charts for the underlying procurement data
  • Tracking. Keep on top of activity devolved to other departments or offices
  • Save time. Time is too valuable to spend on collecting disparate information
  • Collation. Combine information from other sources – ERP, CRM, etc
  • Real time. No delay in information – the charts are always based on the latest data
  • Broaden. Simple for staff, management and stakeholders alike

System Training

Tendering Module

In-tend have a dedicated team of knowledgeable system trainers who are not only able to provide expert training on each of the In-tend modules, but also demonstrate the best ways to integrate the system with your current processes via requirements mapping sessions

Training can be delivered from our in-house IT suite in Rotherham; on-site at your own premises, or online via live webinar.

We have standard courses available, proven to deliver effective training on all aspects of the system, whilst tailored training sessions can be delivered to meet individual requirements. A range of bite sized element specific webinars are now available.

Training sessions involve using your own dedicated internal training database which allows for practical exercises to be completed from start to finish within a secure and dedicated training environment.

openquote “It was a very good training course which was well paced and built up our knowledge of the system in a useful step by step approach.”closequote

openquote “Training met all expectations and will help us hit the ground running on our first procurements through the system. Thoroughly happy with the training.”closequote

openquote “The training was perfect for the E-Auction module that we were looking at. The trainer showed us the process from start to finish getting us to participate in building the auction and using it to identify what the different options meant.”closequote