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In order to create an account please access the Sell 2 UK homepage and click on the Green “Register” button.

Note: You will access your account from this page once the initial registration process has be

Upon clicking “Register” you will navigate to this initial screen whereby you must input the information requested at each stage of the eleven page registration process. The information provided will form the basis of your Sell2UK login.

To continue and finish the registration process, click the green “Confirm your free account details” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once the registration process has been complete, a “Registration Email Sent” message will be shown advising that an email has been sent to the email account provided during the registration process.

On receiving this email to your inbox, please click on the link contained in the email. Clicking this link will confirm your account has been activated. This concludes the initial Sell2UK registration process.

Login reg reg2 reg3 reg4 reg5

Pricing Plan

This next area allows the user to select which package they would like to purchase with the listed features and prices for each listed below. Once a package is selected click “Next” if a paid subscription is selected a payment screen appears.

Once the relevant “Upgrade” button has been clicked, this will take you to the below screen from where you can choose the relevant plan by selecting “Choose Plan”.


Company Profile

On the left hand side (below the NPQQ Alert) within “My Company Portals” you will be presented with a list of the organisations.

Below these panels on the left is a section entitled “Expiring Tenders”. This area will list the tenders you have shown interest in.

Next the “Uploaded Documents“ is where any NPQQ's you have created are stored.

The “Saved Searches” area is where you can save results of any searches you have made. Then, on the right under the tool tip is your “Company Details”which are the details you entered upon registration.

Comp Comp1 Comp2


To complete the entry level NPQQ, click the “Complete an NPQQ” button in green which will take you to the company details field. Once completed, this red field will be removed from view.

Your company details are automatically pulled through to the first page of the NPQQ as shown below.

At any time, if you wish to amend or update these details, this is available within the “Uploaded Documents” area of the “Company Details” section of the “My (Supplier) Profile” home page.

It is notable that when a buyer or supplier searches for your company within the Sell2UK website, they will It is notable that when a buyer or supplier searches for your company within the Sell2UK website, they will see an award next to your company name

npqq npqq npqq npqq

CPV Codes

You must select CPV codes that are relevant to what your company supplies.

This will then find any opportunities that match these CPV codes. Also on the right hand side of the codes there is a number which is the number of suppliers in your area with the same CPV code.



Once you have clicked on an organisations' portal name, there will be a red message box informing you that in order to register you are required to fill in additional information fields..

To do this click the blue “Complete Registration” button.

This will take you to the “Confirmation/Additional Information Required” screen whereby you are required to specify your “Business Classification”.

By selecting these, these business classifications will then be stored against your company in “My Company Details”.

Once you have selected the relevant business classification codes, click the blue “Complete Registration” button.

portal portal portal


The calendar functionality within the Sell2UK My Profile area is very useful as it enables to set events for days and to set tasks which populate your “Latest To do Entries” list.

To create a calendar entry click “Create Calendar Entry.“

Against a date in this area you are then able to specify and create an event by selecting “Create To-do Entry”.

Within the Calendar a “To Do Entry” can be created which is then populated into your Company Profile and shown in the “Latest To Do Entries” section of the home screen.

cal cal cal cal cal


As a Supplier within the “My Opportunities” tab at the top of the navigation bar, you are able to view “All Opportunities” or “Search for Opportunities” from the drop down menu.

The functionality within Sell2UK allows you to search for any Opportunities you want to participate in. To search for relevant Opportunities click “My Opportunities” and then select “Search for Opportunities” from the drop down menu.

You are able to search any relevant keywords and select “Search”, or, you can tailor your search by selecting the region and dates between which you wish to narrow the search to.

Further down the page you can also use the tick boxes below to narrow the search down even further. Once configured click “Search”.

You will then be able to view any of the tenders that are available under your subscription allowances.

tenders tenders tenders


To enhance your company profile, there is functionality within Sell2UK to create and add an advert for other Suppliers to see as part of providing you with Business2Business (B2B) opportunities

To create an advert go onto “My Profile” and then click on the + icon at the right side of the “Adverts” section header. “Adverts” is located on the right hand side below “Latest To Do Entries”.

Once created, this advertisement application will be submitted to the Sell2UK site Administrator for verification and approval

During the “Add Advert” process, you must then associate any relevant CPV codes to this tender opportunity.

Once it has been approved by the Administrator it will be visible to any of the suppliers on Sell2UK website and populated within the “Adverts” section with clickable links against the opportunity.

When another suppliers searches for keywords or CPV codes, your opportunity will also appear as an opportunity against which they may express interest.

ad ad ad ad

Saved Searches

Additional functionality within Sell2UK allows you to “Save a Search” against an Opportunity in order to save the results to view later. You can view your any saved searches within your “My Profile” area.

Each package has a number of “Saved Searches” functionality as highlighted below just above the package price.

This will then bring up a pop up screen which will allow you to assign your own naming convention to this search. Click the green “Save” button and this will save the search and pull this through to your Profile.

This saved search if visible within “My Profile” under the “Saved Search” area.

ss ss

My Portfolio

When you identify a tender to put on watch from Opportunities, this will be automatically populated into “My Portfolio” within the “My Opportunities” tab.

This tender on “Watch” will then be visible within “My Portfolio”. To navigate to this, select “My Opportunities” and then “My Portfolio”.

To cease watching a tender within your “My Portfolio”, de-select by clicking on the red “Stop Watching” button.

The opportunity will then be removed from “My Portfolio” and returned to the list within “Opportunities” where it could be put back on “Watch” if removed in error.



Further down are the users these areas can all be edited exponentially but it depends on your license to what degree

When you click into a user it shows their audit log, contact details and To-do list.

users users users users