Cyprus Procurement Platform for Private Business

Together with In-tend, Sinopsis brings you the new system for managing all of your e-procurement requirements in one place.

Demand & Supply under one roof

Sinopsis, in collaboration with In-tend, has created a unified platform for all businesses in Cyprus to harness the advantages of e-procurement, whether operating as a buyer or supplier.

For the Buyers:

  • Allocation of a Secure & Dedicated Area: Each buyer is allocated a secure, dedicated area for creating and publishing tenders.
  • Efficient Tender Process: Our e-tendering module streamlines the tendering process.
  • Targeted Supplier Invitations: Buyers can send participation invitations to a select list or all registered suppliers.
  • Centralized Supplier List: Managed and organized by Sinopsis, ensuring efficiency by subject area.

For the Suppliers:

  • Electronic Submission: Suppliers can conveniently submit returns electronically.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Tenders are centrally published in the supplier portal.
  • Tender Alerts: Stay updated with Sell2Cyprus, our notification system covering all Cyprus tenders (public or private) along with notifications from the UK and EU.

Outsourcing Option:

For added convenience, the entire tender process can be outsourced to specialized Sinopsis personnel. Discover how our platform can revolutionize your procurement process. Get in Touch with us today!

About Sinopsis

Established in 2013, Sinopsis is based in Cyprus and has expanded its operations to Malta since 2017. We specialize in offering comprehensive Data Analytics services and cutting-edge Business Intelligence tools.

Empowering Procurement Excellence - Local Presence, Global Expertise

In partnership with In-tend, a worldwide leading provider of procurement software, we introduced the first procurement platform designed for the private sector in Cyprus. With a strong foothold in Cyprus, Sinopsis provides dedicated, local support to our clients.

  • 800+ clients
  • 3 million+ users
  • 2 million + suppliers
  • 130+ countries served
More about In-tend

  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • ISO 14001 Certificate
  • ISO 22301 Certificate
  • ISO 27001 Certificate
  • Cyber Essentials certified
  • An online package for consolidating procurement processes in one area and conducting all exercises.
  • There are two interconnected but separate sides of the system:
    • A Buyers portal
    • A branded Suppliers portal
  • These operate on separate URLs and are accessed by a secure login.

Key benefits - Buyers

  • Reduce Risk – Manage all procurement exercises through one system, ensuring consistency and mitigating areas of risk.
  • Save Time – Utilize dynamic wizards to significantly reduce the time spent on assembling a tender.
  • Save Money – Achieve efficiency and cost reductions based on streamlined, consistent processes.
  • Complete Audit Trails – Track all activities related to Users, Suppliers, Tenders, and Contracts in one dedicated area with reporting facilities to meet internal governance requirements.
  • Ensure Procedural Adherence – Grant access rights to individual users, guaranteeing adherence to organizational procedures.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Stay fully compliant with the requirements of PCR 2015.

Key benefits - Suppliers

  • Save Time – Access multiple tenders from the private sector using a single login, to enhance efficiency and consolidate information on potential opportunities in one convenient location.
  • Secure storage area – Suppliers are provided with a secure area to store relevant documentation, communications and project information.

Wider benefits

Enhance your environmental performance with time savings, and reduced carbon footprints. Streamlined and efficient processes benefit both buyer organizations and supplier networks.


  • Accommodates procurement of all sizes, including RFQs, Mini-Competitions, and full tenders, with built-in compliance for EU regulations.
  • Multi-stage tender process for higher-spend projects with more comprehensive requirements.
  • Dynamic Wizards streamline the tendering process, seamlessly guiding the users.


  • Automatic system scoring on user-defined questions.
  • User-friendly interface for evaluators to assess supplier responses, documents and to input scores with explanations.
  • Moderators have a comprehensive view of average scores from all evaluators, along with a full audit history of the evaluation.

Contract Management

  • Adaptable and customizable consolidated Contract Register.
  • Highly functional and efficient Document Storage.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring and monitoring supplier and contract performance.


  • Reverse e-Auction stage enables shortlisted providers to actively bid for contracts online.

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