Contract Management

Fully manage and monitor your contracts with 360 degree supplier management and monitoring of your contracts.

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Take control over your spend

Obtain greater visibility of your contracts and effortlessly keep on top of key milestones with the aid of a highly functional and intuitive interface. The In-tend Contract Management module is designed to boost the effectiveness of your procurement process.

Popular uses of the Contract Management module

  • Adaptable, customisable and consolidated Contract Register
  • Highly functional and effective Document Storage
  • Measure contract performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
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Scalable software to suit your needs

The module is extremely flexible and can scale to suit the needs of your business. Should you require a system that simply keeps all of your contracts in one place, or whether you need to monitor and manage every variable throughout the contract term, the Contract Management module has you covered.

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Reuse your existing configurations

For existing customers of our eTendering module, you will find setting up the Contract Management module requires no effort at all. Information such as suppliers, departments and users, as well as most of the background administration, is shared between our eTendering and Contract Management modules.

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Full training is provided

Full training ensures you extract the maximum possible benefit, whilst simultaneously making certain that inexperienced users are brought up to speed. Your access to the module is achieved with minimal fuss, stress and effort on your part. Most importantly perhaps, it means that you can begin to utilise the module in next to no time.

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Unlimited storage

In-tend's Contract Management module allows for unlimited contract creation and storage, with contracts able to be preserved over extensive periods, whether live or expired.

Easy to set up new contracts

For new contracts, the Contract Management Wizard provides a simple and easy to use step by step workflow for users to follow. Workflows can be attached to the contracts when creating the contract record.

Keep all relevant information together

A Contract Summary screen inside every contract provides the central hub detailing all the activity surrounding the Contract.

Surfaced statistical data

The system can automatically generate statistical information on data held via the Report Writer tool or KPI Indicator Reports.

Report builder

Using both standard and custom fields to capture information already stored in the system the report writer can be configured in multiple different ways to capture this information and multiple reports can be produced on different areas; Contract Spend Analysis, Contract Extension/Expiry, Custom Fields to capture bespoke data etc.

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Keep an eye on contract spend

Contract spend data is achieved by a user setting up spend alerts based on the percentage of the total contract value. As the spent value of the Contract increases, this can be seen in both the Contract Summary and the main Contract Administration screens.

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Never allow for document expiry

With automatic reminders set up against expiring documents or contracts, and actions placed on colleagues and suppliers, the Contract Management module allows for robust contract management and reporting.

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Measure contract and supplier performance

When using the Contract Management functionality it is possible to have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) against each contract to allow you to monitor and track supplier performance.

KPIs can be shown on the Contracts Register against each contract and come with an optional 'Red, Amber, Green' status (or RAG status) for a snapshot of how the supplier is currently performing against the information your business wishes to capture.

The creation of KPI Questionnaires allow your team to perform a RAG status KPI against the supplier, and targets will be set on what the supplier must reach to gain a Green, Amber or Red indicator.

Module features

  • Register of all contracts with customisable summary of key information.
  • Custom fields and templates to allow any information and easy replication.
  • Upload documents or request them from suppliers using automated prompts.
  • Email prompts for contract renewals and document expiry, at customisable intervals.
  • Base KPIs on meetings, questionnaires/forms or supplier questionnaires.
  • Automatically score KPI questionnaires and compare answers.
  • Link to projects and existing contracts to minimise data replication.
  • Make any information visible internally, to the supplier or the public.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Run ready-made reports or create your own.

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